Charleston Barbecue, Ranked

A definitive and infallible ranking of pork barbecue in Charleston, S.C.

I will not be questioned!

  1. Rodney Scott’s BBQ
  2. Swig & Swine (Best hash in town.)
  3. Duke’s BBQ
  4. Cooking Carolina (Eastern N.C.-style food truck.)
  5. Home Team BBQ
  6. Bessinger’s BBQ
  7. Melvin’s BBQ
  8. Jim ‘N Nick’s
  9. Smoky Oak
  10. Lewis Barbecue (Not a brisket poll; no contest there.)
  11. JB’s Smokeshack
  12. Smoke BBQ
  13. Queology 

Note: This list doesn’t factor in hot guts, wings, brisket or beverage programs. It’s all pork, all the time.

Note 2: I haven’t visited the smokehouses, Cumberland Street, Poogan’s and Southern Roots. Feel free to let me know if I’ve missed a worthy contender.

Note 3: Places like Sweatman’s and Music Man were too far out. This is essentially Charleston, James Island, North Charleston and Mount Pleasant. The inner core of the Charleston Metro, if you will.

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